Gamer Living is a non-copyright album of songs created by Gavin Liuranium . This was Gavin's first music album on YouTube. The first song, Gamer Living, was uploaded onto YouTube on April 11, 2017. The final song, Game Over, was uploaded on May 22, 2017.


Reason why this album isn't copyrightedEdit

Gavin Liuranium, a new YouTuber (as of 2017), didn't expect many people to use his songs. Gamer Living was created as a "test album" according to Gavin. The album's songs were "not so much fancy" and Gavin would copyright-ize his songs from the first album after he reaches 100 subscribers. The whole album's videos had 307 views as of June 17, 2017, with Game Over having 112 views being the most popular in the album.

Using YTMonster Edit

He once used YTMonster to increase his number of views and likes. That succeeded for Game Over, however, the number of subscribers dropped from over 60 to 31 overnight during one day Gavin wasn't using YTMonster. Since that, Gavin has ceased using YTMonster to increase his views, until he started uploading songs to the Far Future album and learns how to increase his views without lowering his view percentage in both albums.

As of July 29, 2017, the album had 829 views. Game Over again topped the list sharing over half of the whole album's views. That video has 471 views. The second most viewed would be The Arena with 192 views, the third being the first song Gamer Living with only 67 views.

On September 10, 2017, the album had a total of 937 views. The view count for Game Over had stalled at 512 views for weeks, while The Arena stalled at 215 views. The third most viewed is Gamer Living with only 75 views.

On December 6, 2017, the album had a total of 1,015 views, increasing not much over 3 months. The view count for Game Over had long stalled at 524 views for weeks, The Arena stalled at 225 views, and the third most viewed is still Gamer Living with only 91 views, but is a better increase than any of the rest.

Can Gavin into NCS? Edit

Gavin Liuranium has been thinking about getting his songs featured on NCS. However, he is not completely sure as he thinks that it would not increase his own subscriber and view count.

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